Do You Want  To Build Strategic Relationships With Influencers & Prospects To Build Your Business?

Build connections, grow your network to unlock more opportunities even if you are an introvert
or you HATE promoting yourself
This isn't an ordinary ebook. It delivers actionable and strategic steps. Here's what you get:

  • Secret #1: Confidently connect with anyone In person and online. Know what to say to finally get the response you want.
  • Secret #2: Network to explode your career. Learn to confidently connect with the right people who can offer you opportunities for your work & success.

  • Secret #3: Stand out with media influencers: Learn the secrets to building long-term relationships with influencers so you can get more interviews, reviews, features, and reach more people to grow your business.
  • All this & much more in this in-depth look at a conversation between D Grant Smith and business/marketing guru Seth Godin. Dive in now!
About Author D Grant Smith
D Grant Smith is driven by a passion to help people just like you grow through effective relationship building, increased confidence, and personal well-being. His method for building successful businesses has impacted people in a variety of industries. With experience in media, journalism, and entrepreneurship, Smith has a rich history of connecting with influencers like Kevin Kelly (Wired Magazine), Jon Nastor (Hack The Entrepreneur), and best-selling business icon Seth Godin to learn how growth and success really works. Gain his unique and empowering style of connection with people to help you grow using this fantastic ebook!
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